Roy’s Top Ten Reasons For Not Putting Up A Blog Post Today

10. A body was found in my office and my keyboard is being dusted for prints.

9. The British tabloids hacked into my files and discovered my secret life as a plant.

8.  Need to rest my fingers for tonight’s Brahms recital.

7. The eight hundred pound gorilla in the room turned out to be real.

6. Can’t blog and steer my Segway Transporter at the same time.

5. That darn intestinal virus knocked all the blog clear out of me.

4. Can’t type because I lost my thumb after a bad day at the petting zoo.

3. Just can’t pull myself away from Real Housewives of Orange County.

2. Got sidetracked by my love for Tempur-Pedic.

1. Witness Protection called to apologize for giving my address to some biker with a nail gun.

Alicia will be back with a real blog later this week. Meanwhile, you can check out our other pages, join in Samantha’s Scavenger Hunt, find interesting authors featured with us at Women’s Literary Café or load up on some 99 cent books from the Booklover’s Buffet.


15 thoughts on “Roy’s Top Ten Reasons For Not Putting Up A Blog Post Today

  1. Congrats on the blog! It looks great. I especially like the play with the “Street” signs. Good job!
    Tempur-pedic is the number one enemy of writers!

  2. I think the header is great too! Plus your top ten post is super clever too. Must be all that banana and tahini Alicia, b/c you guys are a dynamic duo 🙂

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