What Makes You Dance?

by Alicia Street

Even if you’ve got two left feet, you can’t deny that we all have moments when we feel like doing a Happy dance, a Cranky dance, or an I Wanna Kill That Jerk dance.

Or maybe the all too familiar Get Me Outta This Chair So I Can Remember What It Feels Like To Move My Body dance. Yeah, that one.

Sometimes when I work at the computer for too long my brain starts interrupting my train of thought with images of myself flying over treetops, running down a street or leaping across a stage.

We humans are not meant to be sedentary. In fact, a recent study scared the bananas out of many people because its findings said that even if you exercise an hour a day, if you sit the rest of the time you’re aging yourself prematurely.

But being one of those artsy sorts, what really gets me is the emotional need for expressive movement. Not just the old fight or flight catecholamine producing drive, but a more magical, shamanistic inner urge that’s been in our bones for a few thousand years. The kind that made dance a form of ritual as old as cave paintings, maybe older.

Are you always conscious of your body when it wants to move? And how do you handle it?

Here are some videos to get you in the mood.

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28 thoughts on “What Makes You Dance?

  1. Sorry, don’t have time to watch videos, but can tell you that I go for a walk when I want to move. Hiking is even better. After about 30 minutes, it starts feeling really good.

  2. I love to dance, I just don’t do it out in public 🙂 When I clean the house, I do it with my ipod. Dancing around makes cleaning much more fun! Best of luck with your new release!

  3. *giggles* Popping over here from WG2E *grin* as to dancing. I’ve learned so many bits and peices of so many differnt styles, that I have fun no mater what the music. Sadly I’m not nearly as good as when I’m imagining that I”m dancing. Still I dance when ever I can. My kids espcially enjoy when I pick them up and do my ballet twirls. :}

  4. Oh, the things you make me confess: I’m guilty of happy dances and let’s dance just for the heck of it dances. But only in private. And, no, that doesn’t make me a private dancer.
    Great debut, guys! I love the design too!

  5. I wish I danced more often… Always feels so good! (Even when it looks, em, interesting?? lol) Going to pay attention to those cues and take my body up on them. Thanks, Alicia. Lovely post!

  6. Absolutely love to dance. I used to go out dancing at least 3 times a week (back when I was young and could handle late nights. LOL)! But I will say hubby and I still try to get out a couple times a year to shake our booty. And we tear up the dance floor when we go on our two-week vacay down south every year. There’s something so freeing about it. I love it.

  7. Yes, sitting is hard, especially when it’s for such long periods. I try to get up at least once an hour, just to stretch, maybe go for a walk to the laundry room and back (and fold some clothes while I’m there) or sometimes I’ll just resort to walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes, anything to give my mind and body a break.

    And I love to dance. If there’s music and I’m not dancing, then I’m tapping my feet and fingers.

  8. When I hear good music, I move. No matter where I am. Got it from my mother, who used to embarrass me to no end.

  9. I want to be dancing all the time. It was what I originally wanted to do with my life but was greatly discouraged from pursuing it by family that wanted me to have a steady pay check. So here I am writing! LOL! I dance around the house, in the car, even standing in line in public. I look like I have squirrels in my pants. 😀

    • That’s great, Debra. I’m the same way. And I understand the family thing. I spent years seeing my mom shaking her head over my unpredictable lifestyle. So, yeah, writing isn’t so different.
      Thanks for coming by!

  10. I love to dance, but sitting at the computer so much does leave my body stiff and it’s harder to move. I think I’ll be dancing on my death bed if there’s some good music playing. Soon I’ll be babysitting my grandson when my daughter goes back to work, so I’ll get to dance with him and I’ll be up and down all day long, getting a good workout, so it will be a much healthier life style.

  11. I am probably an awful dancer, but I do like to move to music. The beauty of having a toddler is they think any dance you do is awesome.

    I used to go swing and salsa dancing and it was SO fun (with the right partner).

    ::stares at imprint in desk chair::

    Maybe I need to crank the music this afternoon and do some dancing while I clean. 🙂

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  13. I think this why “Dancing With the Stars” and such is so popular. I used to dance much more. You’ve inspired me to start again. Great post!

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