Sharing Cyber-coffee

One of the things I love about online communities is that you can share coffee with someone who lives hundreds of miles away, or maybe thousands, or even on the other side of the planet.

Okay, maybe we can’t actually share the coffee, but we can share our thoughts and ideas and experiences. We take it for granted because we do it every day, but when Roy and I get an email or a FB message from someone in Malaysia or India who likes our books, or when I talk craft ideas with authors in Australia and Belgium, it still thrills me to think people around the globe can form bonds in this way.

What got me thinking about this was the release of WINTER WONDERLAND, the first in a series of WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies, produced by two of my fave online girlfriends, D.D. Scott and Tonya Kappes, whose drive, creativity and generosity of spirit have drawn together an international community of writers at their WG2E grog.
















Have you got friends across the planet who seem as if they live next door?

To celebrate the anthology release I want to share this amazing video by Kien Lam. (which I discovered on Sophia Chang’s blog)



13 thoughts on “Sharing Cyber-coffee

  1. Being able to chat with people all around the world is one of the things I enjoy most about social media. My husband and I have friends in Australia that we wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with at all if we didn’t have the internet.

    With people contacting you from all over the world about your books, do you ever run into language barrier problems?

    • No language barrier issues because the readers we’ve heard from are those that read in English, which, lucky for us Americans, is the international language of choice these days. We have had foreign rights sold for translated copies, but we’ve never gotten an email from those readers. Probably for the reason you mention.
      Thanks for coming by, Marcy.

  2. Hubby and I were just talking about that this week. He was commenting about how often I am laughing, chuckling or even just smiling at something lately and he’ll say “what???” and I’ll start rattling off about a blogger whose commented on my blog or tweeted me. But what’s so cool is that I talk about them as if they were my next door BFF! It may all be online and virual but the relationships and connections are as a real and as authentic as if we were BFF’s having coffee facing each other! And…I LOVE IT!!!

  3. I so agree! I saw that video too on Sophia’s site–it’s awesome. Isn’t it funny how we all end up crossing paths and connecting? i love it!

  4. Beautiful video, Alicia. We meet so many wonderful people online, develope so many awesome relationships, that if we ever get to meet our online friends face-to-face, it is like meeting someone you’ve known forever.

    BTW, I’m currently reading the WG2E Winterland Edition. Haven’t reached your story yet, but am looking forward to it. 🙂

    • And you Sheila are one of the “wonderful people” Roy and I have met online. Meanwhile here I sit on the east coast and you’re way up there north of us clear across the continent in an area we’ve never been. Hope you enjoy reading Snow Dance.

  5. Beautiful video. I love it. I am blessed with lots of online friends – I’ve traveled to New York to spend time with an online friend I met there. and I had an ‘interesting’ weekend in Seattle with a gentleman I met there. all because of the internet.

    technology is amazing.

  6. This is why I adore the internet … email, Twitter, Facebook, blogger. The majority of my very closest, most adored friends don’t live anywhere near me. We meet up from time to time, some I’ve never seen in person, but they are as precious to me as my buddies I hook up with in book club or the gym. It’s awesome!

  7. Sorry to be late to the party you guys.

    I love that we can chat as if we’re sitting across from the table from one another. I think the nice thing that came out of our WANA1011 class is the pay it forward spirit that seems to have dominated our class. It’s nice to see different people from far away places all pulling for and supporting one another.

    What an encouraging post! Thanks you two! See you soon! 🙂

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