Six Sentence Sunday

A clinical study found that an effective way to sexually arouse a man is to waft the smell of pumpkin pie under his nose. I guess that means Thanksgiving should be declared National Erection Day. Call me old fashioned, but I’d sooner splash on Miss Dior than smear pie filling over my navel. Gwendolyn Applebee, my close friend since childhood, always said the olfactory sense was our most powerful medium, especially when it came to sex or danger.

I discovered she was right. The hard way.

It took me six weeks after her suicide to suspect she’d been murdered. Here’s the fun part: Gwen left me holding the bag.

— excerpt from APHRODISIAC  (Okay. So it’s  more than six sentences. Big deal. — Roy)


4 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

    • It is laugh out loud, Sheila. I worked my tail off on it using up all my best jokes. Hope you do read it and enjoy. Look forward to your anthology story.

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