Popping The Question

by Roy Street

Are men and women ever really on the same page?

She sees that special look in his eyes and knows that he’s sitting there picturing the first time they kissed. She reaches out and gently touches his hand. “John,” she whispers. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

The corners of his mouth lift in a tiny smile. “That last putt on the eighteenth. I came so close.”

Yes, men are preoccupied with keeping score. So if this kind of behavior happens between you and your man — try to show some understanding. After all, it’s not his fault. It’s old genetic programming that goes back to the days of the Vikings. If you wanted to enter Valhalla you had to have a large member and beat guys at golf.

That’s right. You probably didn’t know this, but ancient Norwegian Vikings traveled the world in search of new lands to make into golf courses. True story. Eric The Red shot an amazing nine below par at the scenic yet extremely treacherous Odin’s Bluff Country Club.

Eric could drive, pitch, putt and was hung like a bull moose. He and his band of brave men were ambitious conquerors and builders. Their plan was simple. Sail over to the British Isles, slay the men, impregnate the women and  . . . build golf courses. Especially in Scotland.

So what you do think about all this? Does your man have Viking tendencies?

Sure he does.


17 thoughts on “Popping The Question

  1. LOL! This is totally my husband! He hasn’t played golf in a while, but he’s spent many weeks rebuilding a TransAm in preparation for his next conquest: the local drag strip. Thanks for the laughs!

    • S’up, Jennette. Rebuilding a TransAm? Whoa. He must be good with engines. I come from a long line of mechanics but it stopped with me. Here’s wishing your husband the best of luck. Hope he has a safe and successful run down at the strip. Thanks for sharing. Come back soon. 🙂

  2. Hehe 🙂 My husband doesn’t play golf, but I see this hyper-competitiveness in others areas. I actually have to remind him that if we’re playing some sort of game/sport with female friends, he can’t trash talk the way he would with guys.

    • Hey, Marcy. Your hubby sounds like my kinda guy. I’m a huge boxing fan so I know what trash talk sounds like. No athlete lays out the nasties better than a boxer. By the way I don’t play golf either. But I too have a very competitive streak that I need to monitor at times. Thanks a lot for coming by. 🙂

    • Hello there Jennifer. Danish? That’s Viking alright. House-fixing? Lucky you. What a great thing to be skilled at doing. As for me, I change the cat litter. That’s about as far as I go at fixing the house. Always good to hear from you. 🙂

  3. Funny Sheila, my husband and I are hardwired like that too sometimes. But that’s one of the things that attracted us to one another. You know, that two halves make a whole stuff. Now I have to think about this viking thing Roy. McFarland used to be MacFarland, so my man is a Scottsman although he doesn’t play golf. Never got into that. He’s a carpenter, so he’s got all the tools. (I’m keeping it clean Roy!) Loves dirt bikes, sandrails and Top Fuel. Is that Viking enough? 🙂

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