Tools and Teamwork for Cross-promotion

This week Roy and I will be part of the WG2E Street Team’s Beach Book Blast. This one will be a summer launch event for new books by members and will include our new Dance ‘n’ Luv book, TOUCH ME AND TANGO

The WG2E Street Team is a small group of authors working together, sharing, supporting, and learning as we go. Last week we began posting some of our thoughts about tools and methods on the WG2E blog. I’m listing the posts here since they might be useful and fun for both author and reader friends. 


Birds of a Feather Tweeting Together with Alicia Street

Planning the Beach Book Blast Facebook Party with Kristine Cayne and Sheila Seabrook

What Makes a Good Team Member with Tamara Ward

Pinterest for Indie Authors with L.C. Giroux

I’d love to hear your thoughts on working with a group or cross-promoting with author friends. 


4 thoughts on “Tools and Teamwork for Cross-promotion

  1. Alicia, I’m part of the Bandit Creek Books group and it’s been awesome, even though my book doesn’t come out until Dec 1. it’s such fun to watch everyone’s release and their sales and their dreams come true. Awesome

    • Working in a group can get chaotic, but it expands the reach exponentially. And it is so much nicer to be in the company of friends during all our work. Thanks for coming by, Louise. –Alicia

  2. Hey, I came over here from Beach Book Blog..I’ve got a book coming out next year that features a dancer (VIRTUE)–How cool is that? Your books sound like a lot of fun!!

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