Wrapping it up with a Boxed Set

We hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday season and is ready for an exciting new year. We’ll be carrying the holiday spirit right into 2013 with a special sale to celebrate the release of our DANCE ‘N’ LUV CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE BOXED SET.


It includes our three Dance ‘n’ Luv novels plus a short story – KISS ME, DANCER (Bk#1), TOUCH ME AND TANGO (Bk#2), STARS. LOVE AND PIROUETTES (Bk#3), plus SNOW DANCE.  You can read more about them on this page.  

We’ve also reduced the price on the individual novels for a limited time and will be offering KISS ME, DANCER free for kindle on December 26 & 27! 

Wishing you all a joyous new year!