Read An E-Book Week

E-read WeekMarch is Read An E-Book Month, and the first week in March is Read An E-Book Week! Lots of authors, publishers and online stores are offering deals and free downloads. You can check out some of them HERE.

How do you feel about E-Books? I love my print books, but being the kind of person who always has to have a book or two on hand, I also love being able to carry a zillion books in my pocket without breaking my back.

One of the amazing things about E-books and E-readers is that they are changing the lives of some people in third world countries. Like African children who will never own a print book and don’t have access to print libraries, but with e-readers, their access to books is unlimited. You can see more about that at Worldreader.

If you want to enter contests to win prizes, including an E-reader you can check out E-Ink’s page or Read An E-Book where you can also connect with other authors or library events.

Happy E-reading!