Babydoll is Back

eCvr Babydoll MDRoy and I are clinking glasses in celebration of getting the publishing rights back to our second Saylor Oz chick lit mystery. It was a long, drawn out wait, but now you can finally get BABYDOLL as an e-book for a really great price.

And for readers new to Saylor we’re offering a special two-for-one sale — send us a copy of your receipt for the purchase of BABYDOLL, and we’ll send you an e-book copy of our Daphne Award Winning crime comedy APHRODISIAC. 

New York Times bestselling author Karen Robards called BABYDOLL “A fast, fun read with great characters and action that never stops.”

Unlike our sweet contemporary romance series, these sassy chick lit mysteries are loaded with a sexy, over-the-top humor and gritty urban suspense. 

You can read more about both of these books on our Saylor Oz page


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