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Let’s Tango

You know they say it takes two to tango. That’s because the tango is a dance that can’t be done solo. The whole thing is about the embrace on top (where the heart is), as the feet below go scooting around, beat for beat, a give-and-take exchange with your partner.

 Push. Pull. Lead. Follow. Sounds like a lot of relationships.

The tango started out in bordellos as a seductive, improvised dance but later got sanitized and stylized into a set form.

Like a lot of relationships. Some for better, while others, well . . .

We’re thinking about the tango lately because it’s the thematic thread for our newly released second book in the Dance ‘n’ Luv series. That relentless pattern of pursuit and resistance that an undying, passionate love can bring.


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Some readers and friends might notice we’ve changed the cover from the original we’d planned. Stop back soon and you’ll see the whole Dance ‘n’ Luv series in spiffy new covers!

 In the meantime, here’s an Argentinian style tango that we love.

What Makes You Dance?

by Alicia Street

Even if you’ve got two left feet, you can’t deny that we all have moments when we feel like doing a Happy dance, a Cranky dance, or an I Wanna Kill That Jerk dance.

Or maybe the all too familiar Get Me Outta This Chair So I Can Remember What It Feels Like To Move My Body dance. Yeah, that one.

Sometimes when I work at the computer for too long my brain starts interrupting my train of thought with images of myself flying over treetops, running down a street or leaping across a stage.

We humans are not meant to be sedentary. In fact, a recent study scared the bananas out of many people because its findings said that even if you exercise an hour a day, if you sit the rest of the time you’re aging yourself prematurely.

But being one of those artsy sorts, what really gets me is the emotional need for expressive movement. Not just the old fight or flight catecholamine producing drive, but a more magical, shamanistic inner urge that’s been in our bones for a few thousand years. The kind that made dance a form of ritual as old as cave paintings, maybe older.

Are you always conscious of your body when it wants to move? And how do you handle it?

Here are some videos to get you in the mood.

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